After graduating from University in 2013, myself and two fellow course mates decided to explore some of the more traditional printing methods that were not utilised on our course. Enjoying the sense of freedom and detachment from using the computer, we began screen printing our own designs, as well as those of other graduating students from our course.




Once we’d built up a small catalogue of prints, we began selling them at print fairs and pop up arts markets, between London and Leeds.




The initial response from buyers was encouraging, prompting us to broaden our production into clothing and begin selling in an online environment.




In the last two years we’ve established purple as a design focussed brand, creating hats, sweaters, tee-shirts and poster prints. We take pride in the fact that we have always done much of the production process ourselves, from the initial designs, to printing the garments and sewing in labels.




What started as creative exploration has now flourished into a viable business, with a strong brand presence and online following.




The short film below shows our production process as we print a new range of tee-shirts.



To read more about the Purple ethos and how we came to be, check out this short interview we did for Shellsuit Zomby.

  • Project: Purple Collective
  • Description: Limited edition, screen printed products. Designed and Created in the UK.
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